Unexplainable Black And White Photos

Do you own an old black and white photo? If you do, you will agree that sometimes they are super creepy. This collection of the most confusing and unexplainable black and white photos will give you the creeps and scare you to death. We admit that some of them are funny, though. From weird animals to skeletons, these weird photos will make you want to find out what really happened there. If you are into horror films and thrillers, you should check out this list and start with your conspiracy theories. Here are 50 rare black and white photos that really scared us and gave us nightmares.

We should worry


Why are these two women sitting on a barrel that says "we should worry"? Is this a hidden message? We have no idea but they seem just fine with their fancy hats.

Just why.


We can try to find an explanation for this pic. Ages ago, when a woman lost her virginity, they showed their mattress proud to other people. This lucky girl and her family even got a picture of it.

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