Once you see it, you can't unsee the fact that R2-D2 is the perfect shape for a cafetiere, or French coffee press. It's so obvious! But it took the clever folks at ThinkGeek to actually go ahead and make this superb kitchen gadget that every Star Wars and geek fan will want, like now. It's officially licensed and sanctioned by the Star Wars head honchos, so you know it's got to be good. His cylindrical body forms the pot and his metal dome the lid and plunger. It works like any other coffee press but, in design terms, it's light years ahead!

Come to the Dark Side… or add cream

Coffee is such a huge part of mornings for most people, it's probably mandatory for everyone to have a coffee press in their home, but what could bring more joy to a sleepy eye than this cute little droid pouring you a brew? He can hold about four cups of that dark, delicious beverage and that amount should see you through the morning. The scent of ground coffee can make it easier to face the morning slog and if you have a smile on your face thanks to some very clever merchandising, why wouldn't the world seem a little better? He's the perfect companion for your breakfast ritual.

This IS the droid you're looking for

Star Wars merchandising has seen some outlandish creations based on that well-loved universe. Apart from the toys and figures that you'd expect, there have been light saber chopsticks, Darth Vader Bluetooth speakers, Yoda piggybacking backpacks, the list is almost endless. So, when a creation stands out from the crowd, generating its own hype, it has to have that little something special. And trust us, the R2-D2 coffee press has it! The cheekiest character in the whole franchise, everybody knows that when he said "Beep, bloop, beep," he was actually giving C3PO some much-deserved sass. A friendly face on the breakfast bar, or in the techie office, would give anyone that little boost they need in the morning – or late at night.

I Obi Want this coffee press

With the recent resurgence of Star Wars since Episode VII – The Force Awakens, it's been cool once more to love all things Jedi and with Rogue One due to blast its way into cinemas, it's not a trend that is going anywhere. Make sure the geek in your life can proudly display this genius kitchen gadget and they won't be going Han Solo at coffee time. This is the perfect Christmas or birthday present for anyone who grew up with Luke, Anakin or Rey. Whether they are obsessive collectors of anything from Lucasfilm who dress in full Jedi robes to go shopping, or just have happy memories of the movie franchise, every one will love this R2-D2 homage.

Don't get cocky, get coffee

Tap into the surge of Star Wars memorabilia before they become hard to find. These coffee pots are selling out fast, thanks to word of mouth and the hype that fans have created over social media about them. And who can blame them? This R2-D2 is about the best thing going for coffee lovers this year!