Start revving up your hogs, Sam Crow fans, because FX is just going to give you a fantastic Christmas present. The company made an announcement earlier on in the month that it is going to start shooting a pilot film for Mayans MC. This will be the next episode of the Sons of Anarchy (SOA) tale that was penned by Kurt Sutter in 2008 and produced by Elgin James. This was a show that captured the heart of America and had some terrific ratings during its run.

Sutter will direct the pilot episode of Sons of Anarchy, which is set to begin production in the early spring. There were whispers around for some time that FX wanted to develop a spinoff of the popular show. This is the first concrete evidence that that the network plan to focus the new saga on the Mayans motorcycle club. The new drama will be set against the backdrop of the post-Jax Teller world. We see EZ Reyes, who is a prospect in the club struggling with his desire for vengeance against the evil cartel, and his need to respect the women (not woman) he loves. The pilot will be filmed on the Mexican border.

In the seven-year run of SOA, the Mayans were central characters and the club controlled all of Nevada and northern California. The charismatic president in charge of the Oakland Chapter was Marcus Alvarez who was played by actor Emilio Rivera. At this moment, it is not very clear what the role of Rivera will be in the new pilot, but either way, the Sons of Anarchy should attract huge viewing figures. Statistically, it was the best-rated series in the history of FX.

Is there a real Sons of Anarchy club?

No, the SOA Motorcycle Club (SAMCRO) is an entirely fictional crime syndicate that was created by two Vietnam War Veterans in Charming, California in 1967. The club is better known as SAMCRO and often spelt as Sam Crow.

What do the Sons of Anarchy stand for?

The story is based on the Teller-Morrow family, their friends, rival gangs and law enforcement agencies. In the show, six or the members who formed the club were war veterans. They used the Grim Reaper as their club logo. The logo shows him holding an M16 gun with a scythe in one hand and in the other a crystal ball. The mottos of the organization include 'Ride Free of Die and 'Fear the Reaper.' The club colours are blue and white, and there are 29 charters situated all over the world. When the show ended in 2014, many people believed that the seven-season run should have continued. The stories had not run out of steam, and the characters were so well developed that they continued to attract new viewers. The FX pilot will hopefully open up a new chapter for the Latinos in the club, and introduce them to a new audience.