These Are The Worst Notes Ever Left By Roommates

Having roommates can either be a blessing or a true curse: you could end up making best friends for life or having to tolerate some of the most annoying people on Earth. Wherever the case might be, living with someone is never easy since you have to compromise on habits and know when to give a little to keep peace and be able to share a space without killing each other. Confrontation is not the best option for everyone, so some roommates found some extremely passive-aggressive ways of saying how they feel. Do you think they got the reaction they were expecting?





Apparently, people who don't do the dishes need a little more creativity to get the point, so this Martin Luther King inspired note could do the trick: hope that the dream comes true.



Romance ain’t dead


Having to remind your roommate that the rent is due or you need any kind of money for a shared expense can be uncomfortable, but this guy found a way to make the message sweeter.



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