One would be forgiven for jumping on the band wagon to call this 20 year old singer an idiot, but look long enough and this $100,000 rust bucket starts to grow in appeal.

It may be true that celebrities can easily become bored with run of the mill products and go a bit crazy trying to be different, especially with cars. But he's a guy after all and what he did is quirky and fun. It not as though it was dipped in a corrosive acid bath with no way at all to reverse the procedure, and judging by his photo the chap looks faily normal with nothing weird done to his face or body. Let us be honest, if he was a 20 year old young lady in the same financial position it would be all too normal to have already done worse to her face by this delicate age.

What is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping is a very simple process achieved by skilfully cutting and wrapping vinyl sheets over any type of car, van or truck. It actually has a protective element to it and the owner almost has a new car for up to 10 years and then, as if by magic, it all peels off without any damage and back to its original glory. I fail to see what all the fuss is about. It is better that this young chap wrapped his superb BMW i8 than running out and buying a new car every 20 minutes.

Why Bother Wrapping?

Well why not? Everybody loves a change and I guess it is much cheaper than changing the whole car with vehicle wrap prices starting from as little as around a couple of thousand dollars. When Austin Mahone (we don't know who he is either) decided to wrap his BMW it may have been a smarter move than you think. He instantly got people talking about him for free and for an artist, any media coverage is good. Let's face the facts; this young chap has done something that got people talking about him without having to beat up a female singer. He has not received a criminal record for doing it. It set him back a fraction of the cost an out and out media campaign would, and he hasn't had to defend himself over it. That's what we call smart.

Ugly is Attractive - Eventually

Remember how pulling your jeans up was a nightmare for so many youngsters back in the day, and putting on your trousers the wrong way was so irritating? Well watch over the years how the group Kris Kross made a fashion out of reversed jeans and how can we now deny the successes of sagging jeans worn by millionaire artists like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, even if we do not like them? I meant the sagging jeans. Well, rust is supposed to symbolise the decay of neglect so what better way to turn semantics on its head than to make a dream car a rust bucket? A cool rust bucket! Something is cool when it's 'wicked', 'bad' or 'sick', so why can't rust be fresh on a 'bad' ride?