Have you ever came across a weird finding or situation that seems hard to believe but actually happened? Well, the Internet usually has the ability of gathering those magical moments in pictures so you know that even though it doesn't make them any less magical, it happens a lot. Have you ever had one of those inexplicable moments happen to yourself? These people did and were lucky enough to have photographic evidence to remember them and also, to have people that can witness how funny life can get sometimes. It maybe a weird person, a coincidence or things we can't explain, but we love these type of things, don't you? Life has a funny way: check out these 10+ extraordinary situations that happened to ordinary people

Having roommates can either be a blessing or a true curse: you could end up making best friends for life or having to tolerate some of the most annoying people on Earth. Wherever the case might be, living with someone is never easy since you have to compromise on habits and know when to give a little to keep peace and be able to share a space without killing each other. Confrontation is not the best option for everyone, so some roommates found some extremely passive-aggressive ways of saying how they feel. Do you think they got the reaction they were expecting?

It takes a lot of time and money to organize a wedding, and there's a lot of people involved. Especially when it comes to pick the right dress, you have the person who makes the fabric, the person that buys it, the one that designs the dress and the bride that chooses it, along with her mother, friends and family that advises her. That means that at least I don't know… ten people? Are involved in the process of selecting a gown. In these 50 cases those ten or more people either hated the brides or were blind, because these dresses are completely horrible. Take a look and don't make the same mistake! Find out what happens when a person with terrible sense of good taste wants to get married.