People That Had One Job And Failed

Everyone wants to get a job in order to pay the rent and all the vices they're in to. However, working doesn't seem an activity suited for each and every one of those candidates. Most of them tend to commit rookie mistakes that put them on the spotlight and leave them pending in a string, just one step behind being fired. But there others who are really perseverant and hard workers that don't get fired because of their mistakes if not by their massive stupidity. Here are a few great examples of people who have worked really hard in their jobs but they couldn't fulfill the expectations of their bosses.





So you need to look down in that hole but you forgot the stairs at work? Don't worry, there's always a good colleague that could help you to fulfill your task.



The sky is the limit


I'm thinking that the truck wasn't high enough so the driver couldn't see the "Stop" sign in front of him. Once he saw it was already too late and he regretted the bad driving.



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