If it had been left to the millennials, the recent presidential election would have had a different outcome. With state-of-the-art digital systems in place, we can examine the effects of any section of the US electoral groupings and see how they voted. The most engaging voters have to be the millennials, who after all, are the future of the country and will still be around and politically active for many years to come.

Electoral College Voting Rules

To become US president, the total number of Electoral College votes required is 270. In the 2016 election, there were 69 million millennials that were eligible to vote. This is a number that is roughly equal to the 'baby boomer' generation.


A survey conducted by SurveyMonkey threw up some fascinating figures. These numbers were based on 30,000 interviews done state by state. It showed that Hilary Clinton dominated the voting of the younger generation.

The fears in the Clinton Camp

We all know that millennials are just a section of the vote, but they are an important section and one that has to be won. This is the case not only for the election of 2016 by for the foreseeable future. The big problem for the Hillary camp was damage done before taking on Donald Trump. It was feared by the Democratic Party that the fight with Bernie Saunders in the primaries, could have caused this damage. Sanders was also very popular with young voters and many believed that millennials would take it out on Clinton, for fighting a very harsh campaign. In the end, this fear was not justified.

It was not 'pay-back' by the millennials that took the wheels off the Clinton Campaign, as in the main; they seem to have stayed loyal.

Beyond 2016

For any crumbs of comfort for the Democratic party to hold onto, the control that they have over the younger generation is like a ticking time bomb for the Republican Party. The Millennials, after all, are the future. Democrats can play the 'long game' strategy because, in the end, success will always come back. Republican strategists have been left scratching their heads as they try to get more white millennials interested in their message.


Millennials have a natural affinity with forward thinking Democrats, while the 'Grand Old Party' (GOP) struggle to get a look in. Could the election result have been different, if Bernie Sanders had taken on Trump? Certainly, Sanders had no skeletons in his closet and was loved by millennials. Could the election result just have been down to over confident Democratic Strategists?

The Trump Effect

Donald Trump is the 'loose cannon' that has broken the rules all through his campaign. He is neither a real Republican nor a natural enemy of the Democratic Party. Maybe this is why he has done better with white millennials all along. The GOP has been licking some deep wounds after the inevitable loss of the Romney campaign to Obama in 2012. The first black president message could not be transformed with enough conviction for the US to have its first woman president. Obama happened to be in the right place at the right time, but many believe that for Hillary it was the opposite.

Whoever wants to win the next presidential race has to woo the millennials. As it stands at the moment with the young people of America, it is up to the Democrats to throw it away again, and Republicans to shoot themselves in the foot by abusing the complete domination that they have right now.