Epic Kitchen Fails

How many times did you try to make dinner and fail miserably? If you feel identified by that, you should see this list and feel better about yourself! We have here some terrible cooking fails, awful cakes, cupcakes and even toast that didn't turn out to be what the person cooking them expected. These people will pay more attention the next time they are following a recipe or the will buy the final product directly. Here we listed for you 50 cooking fails you need to see before putting your hands to work and making anything in the kitchen. Be careful!

What the hell


Those cookie bears look adorable… if you know how to make them. This person tried to copy those cute cookies but these bears look terrifying and they will haunt your dreams.


Rice Bear


That dish looks very difficult to make and the other photo proves that. That man tried to copy that recipe but end up with a demon lying under a raw blanket.


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