We already know that Donald Trump has money. Now that he is the President Elect of the United States, he had an important decision to make: should he or should he not accept the salary offered to him as President? Ordinarily the salary would be $400,000 a year. That's a lot of money for most of us, but Trump already has his own funds, and he is not interested in taking the salary for himself. When questioned on it he offered to take $1 as a token salary for legal reasons, but said he would not be taking the full one.

All of this came out during his interview on 60 Minutes. So why did he turned down the amount?

Some people suggest that Donald Trump is attempting to appear altruistic, and this is one way he can do it. By turning down the money offered for his role, he is attempting to show that he will do his job as the President out of the goodness of his heart, which implies others may have been motivated by other means. This is one thing that has captured the hearts of his supporters: Trump must be a good person, they say, because no one else has offered to take the job for only one dollar a year!

It is possible, given the impulsive nature of his entire campaign, that the offer to turn down the salary was made on a whim. However, it seems to be part of his general outlook during the interview, and last year he also made a mention of turning down the salary if he were to be elected. He would look shifty indeed if he backed out on a promise like that, implying he would be looking to gain for himself.

As a well-established businessman, it must be tempting to use the Presidency toward his own gain; the increase in publicity is impressive, and many would want to use that to their advantage whatever their moral outlook. It could be that turning down the salary is an earnest attempt to prove he will not do this. In that case, the gesture should be welcomed as an encouraging act. However since he has been in the limelight he has already been reported to have made business meetings and possibly new deals, so there may be more of a smoke-and-mirrors veil to this act.

The fact of the matter is, however you look at the situation, it is difficult not to mention the apparent tax avoidance that was mentioned during his debates with Hillary Clinton on the election cycle. Donald Trump may have avoided paying tax for many years, and said doing so made him 'smart'. He also brings in hundreds of millions of dollars each year. When you have millions to your name, less than half a million a year would look easy to give up.

Whatever the motivation behind Donald Trump's denial of the Presidential salary, one thing is for sure: it has people paying attention!