Finally, there is a new muscle car on the block to rival the Dodge Challenger Hellcat in the shape of the Chevrolet Camaro Fireball 900. Designed by one of the first teams to bring the Camaro into the nine second quarter mile category, Fireball tuning, based in Oklahoma, this fully road-legal monster is guaranteed to turn heads and win admiration wherever it's seen. It shows what can be done when a company that normally specialises in building one-off drag cars, turns it's not inconsiderate expertise into making a fully road-legal muscle car. Even more astounding is the fact that they admit they could have increased the horsepower even more, however, this would have made the Fireball 900 into a car only usable on the track.


This stunning 6th generation Camaro's V8 engine has been fully stripped and rebuilt by the Fireball design team. Apart from being supercharged, ported and having its ECU fine tuned to perfection using Fireball's own Camaro drag racer as a base, they also fit larger injectors, ported heads, custom camshaft and a high-flow fuel pump. It's now producing an astonishing 990 horsepower at the flywheel, and after working through the drivetrain still produces 826 horsepower at the tyres. To give an idea of how phenomenal this is, the Fireball 900 is throwing out an extra 340 horsepower more than the Chevrolet Camaro Zl1 and an astonishing 485 horsepower more than the Camaro Z28. This brings the Fireball 900 into the playing field of such cars as the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 and even the McClaren P1 in the quarter mile stakes.

First unveiled on November 1st at SEMA in Las Vegas, the Fireball 900 has already wowed crowds with aggressive styling and high specification. Not limiting themselves to fine tuning the engine, the team at Fireball have also uprated the axles to heavy duty ones, fitted a new stronger aluminium driveshaft coupled to lightweight alloy wheels shod with low-profile drag tyres. Stylewise, it has had a makeover with a re-designed custom hood, only available for the Fireball 900, embroidered headrests and Fireball's unique badging on the one-off wheels and rear valance making this one car that stands out from the crowd of wannabe racers.


If you thought things couldn't get any better then there's one more pleasant surprise - the price. Compared with other muscle cars at this level of horsepower, the Camaro Fireball 900 has a modest price tag. It's available in selected dealerships for only $90,000, that's $100 per horsepower. Fireball tuning is confident that their price for a 900 horsepower muscle car direct from the dealership cannot be beaten.

In conclusion, unless you are looking for an elite supercar costing hundreds of thousands of dollars you can't really fault what Fireball tuning have created. It has everything, a V8 engine boasting nearly 1000 horsepower at the flywheel, uprated drivetrain combined with sharp and edgy muscle car styling and specialised fireball branding. All this with a dealership price tag starting at $90,000, enough to put other similar production muscle cars to shame.