Life is hard enough, so why not make things a bit easier? There's a lot of little problems in our daily lives that we do not perceive as a problems, but finding a solution would definitely be an improvement. Sometimes the solution is so close and we still do not see it. Here are 37 brilliant tips to solve the problems you don't know you have. We promise that you will have some surprises and you will want to try these tricks right away.

The Academy Award Ceremony is one of the most important in Hollywood. Every star, especially the most famous actresses, prepare themselves for weeks with their fashion teams for this incredible night. Usually, the dresses, the hair and the makeup are magnificent and the results of such hard work are on display. But there were MANY cases in which something really failed and everything went totally wrong. From goth gowns to weird feather costumes, I've selected a long list of the WORST dresses to ever set foot on an Oscar red carpet. Grab your tissues, cause you'll cry… of laughter.

We tend to think that our favorite actresses and actors are capable of doing anything. But there are certain things, mostly dangerous things, that can only be done by qualified and trained people who studied and practiced to become stunt doubles. They often look alike our favorite stars and many many times, they work with them in several movies and sometimes become friends with the stars! I have collected 50 awesome photos of actresses and actors posing with their stunt doubles. From Emma Watson's to the game of thrones stars' doubles, here are the 50 photos for you to enjoy!